Creating a Conference Call (Legacy System)


  • How do I create a conference call?


Method 1: Originator Dials Participants

  1. Pick up the handset or press speaker to get a dial tone.
  2. Dial the first party whether it be an extension or an outside line.
  3. Press the conference button. This will place the caller on hold, and give you a dial tone on your next line.
  4. Once the party is connected, press the conference button again to conhoin the two calls.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all parties are joined to the call.

Method 2: Originator Sets up a Numebr for Parties to Dial In

  1. Attend the phone at the specified time of the conference.
  2. When the first party calls, answer and press the conference button. This will place the caller on hold until the next party calls.
  3. Once the next party calls, answer the line and press the conference button again to conjoin the two parties.
  4. Continue with steps 2 and 3 until all parties are connected.

Conferencing with more than 6 People:

If you need to conference more than 6 participants, please submit a General Telecom Issue and request a 'Conference Bridge number'

  • There is no initial or recurring cost. Charges will be applied at 10 cents a minute per participant.
  • IT Telecom receives a monthly statement from AT&T and your department FOAPAL will be charged the cost of the conference call after the billing statement is received. If the assigned conference bridge number is not used within 6 months from the last call. AT&T will recycle the number back to their pool of available toll free numbers.

Additional Information

  • Conference Calls can include as many as six people - the originator of the call, and any combination of 5 people, on campus or off campus. You do not need a display phone to conference. If the originator does not want to participate in the Conference Call, they can put the call on Hold and the other parties can continue the conversation. If the originator hangs up, the call will be disconnected. To disconnect the last person added from a Conference Call, the originator must press the Drop button and then press the line button you want to disconnect from the Conference Call.

    Be sure to inform all parties of the date and time that a conference call will be taking place. If participants are calling in, remember to provide the dial-in number.

    There are TWO methods for setting up a conference call. The originator can call all the participants, or arrange for the participants to call a dial-in number.


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