AV Support Guide on How to Use Audio Visual Equipment in HPC: AMP 2

How to Use Audio Visual Equipment in HPC: AMP 2

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1. Present Source

The AV Control Panel is located on the podium next to the computer monitor. The devices controls all the audio-visual equipment in the classroom.

1. To turn ON the AV Equipment, please tap on the screen of the AV Touch Panel and Select "Room PC". This will activate the AV System and the projector will show the desktop of the Podium PC.

2. If the end user, is using a Laptop please use the provided HDMI Cable located on the left side of the podium. Once the Laptop, is connected please tap "Laptop" on the AV Touch Panel.

3. Document Camera is located on the right side of the podium. Please select "Doc Cam Input" when using the Document Camera.

4. To Mute/Unmute the projectors. Please select "Picture Mute ON" or "Picture Mute OFF".

5. For Volume Adjustment, please use the Volume Slider located on the bottom center of the AV Touch Panel

2. Microphones 

The microphones are located in the drawer in the podium. A handheld and lavalier microphone is provided. The microphones are powered by AA rechargeable batteries. Please make sure dead/low batteries are placed back in the charging cradle in the podium.

3. Cameras 

In the classroom, there is a Video Camera facing the front of the space. This camera is used for Mediasite and Zoom.

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4. System Shutdown

To shutdown the system. Please tap on the red power button. Once the power button has been selected the projector will shut down.

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