Epic - Citrix Workspace Setup

General Information:

How do I access Epic?

To launch the Epic application, you need to navigate to the Epic/OCHIN Application Portal.

For details about accessing Epic from on-campus, please refer to the How to Access Epic (from WesternU) Knowledge Base article.

For details about accessing Epic from off-campus, including how to request a separate Epic Remote Access account be created for you, please refer to the Epic - Remote Access Knowledge Base article.

Citrix Workspace Installation:

Before you can launch the Epic application from either the on-campus or remote portal, Citrix Workspace must first be installed on the computer.

Windows setup

Mac setup


There is no need to enter any information into the Citrix application itself, once installed. If/When presented with an option to enter your email or server information, please ignore the message and close out the box. 

Epic only requires Citrix be installed on the workstation you will be connecting from, and will automatically launch the application when initiated from the respective portal sites (https://portal.ochin.info/Citrix/PortalWeb/https://remote.ochin.info/vpn/index.html).

Additional Information/Known Issues:

Mac users

Epic freezing when launched via the Epic Remote portal 

Starting in November 2022, Mac users reported freezing issues when logged into Epic via the Epic Remote portal.

  • After reaching out to OCHIN, they stated this issue is related to the version of Citrix Workspace installed on the computer.
  • Their recommendation is to downgrade/remain on "Citrix Workspace app 2209 for Mac," as this version does not have freezing issues.

As of January 2023, there unfortunately have not been any updates from OCHIN about a fix for this issue.  The continued recommendation is for Mac users to remain on Workspace version 2209, and to ignore/cancel any prompts to upgrade the software.

How to downgrade your version of Citrix Workspace

If you've already upgraded your version of Workspace and are experiencing freezing issues, here is how to downgrade it back to version 2209:

  1. Download Citrix Workspace app 2209 for Mac: https://www.citrix.com/downloads/workspace-app/legacy-receiver-for-mac/workspace-app-for-mac-2209.html
  2. Once downloaded, run the uninstaller program first.  This will remove the currently installed version (2210+).
  3. Next, run the Citrix Workspace installer.  This will install the recommended version (2209).
  4. After downgrading Citrix Workspace to version 2209, be sure to ignore any requests to update the software going forward, as it will reintroduce the issue.

See the "Downgrade Citrix Workspace on a Mac" document attached to this article for details.


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