How to Access a Basic WesternU Account LucidChart


  • How do I log into LucidChart for the first time to access content as a basic user?


  1. Click the access link if provided one to a specific chart or visit to log in for the first time. When prompted for an initial login select the button for "Office365".

  1. If asked for any confirmation of linking to our WesternU instance of LucidChart, always select yes. Log in via your normal WesternU credentials when prompted and you will be taken either to the chart that was shared with you or your main LucidChart homepage.

Additional Information

  • There are two types of licenses for WesternU users currently available- basic and paid. Licenses are paid per-user from your specific department and the default license level for any WesternU user is basic.
  • Basic users have access to:
    • Build and alter mind maps and limited other chart types
    • View and comment on charts that are shared with them
  • Paid users have access to:
    • Build all chart types
    • Make edits on other charts that are shared with them
    • Manage permissions to their charts


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