Wireless Guest Access (Legacy)

WU-Guest Network

The WU-Guest WiFi network is intended for use by users visiting the WesternU campus. Users that have a WesternU account are expected to use the WesternU or WU-Legacy networks when on campus. 

The WU-Guest network will allow access by use of WesternU credentials or a Wireless Guest Access Code that is generated every week. The network will require re-authentication if there is not internet activity detected on the client for a few hours. 

Wireless Guest Access Code

The Wireless Guest Access Code is generated every Monday, and will be active until the following Monday morning. The code should only be shared with users that are visiting the campus, and should not be published to general public. This is to ensure the security and connectivity of the network here on campus. Please note the below link is only accessible from the WesternU network. 

Click here to view this weeks Wireless Guest Access Code. 

Additionally, the code can be found in the following fashions:

  • Calling x8021 from a WesternU phone

Reporting Issues

If you experience any issues with the Wireless network on campus, please notify TechSupport at (909) 469-5432 or techsupport@westernu.edu. Please note, you may be required to visit the TechSupport office with your device to perform troubleshooting before a resolution of of your issue. 


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