EOMSim Access & FAQ

Mobile Device Instructions

  1. On an Android or iOS device, visit this link.
  2. Sign in to the website using the "Login" button at the top of the screen. Use your WesternU email and password.
  3. Tap "Install" to begin the download
  4. On Android:
    1. Once the APK file has finished downloading, tap "Open"
    2. When prompted, tap "Install" to begin installing the app on your device
    3. Wait for the installation to finish, then tap "Open" to run the app
    4. If desired, you can delete the downloaded APK file after the app has been installed.
  5. On iOS:
    1. Tap the home button on your device to go back to the app grid
    2. The app will begin installing on your home screen and will show a "Loading" bar
    3. Once it is done installing, simply click the icon to launch the app
    4. If you encounter any issues with "Untrusted developer" see the Troubleshooting section below.

Desktop/Laptop Instructions

  1. The full version of EOMSim is only available on mobile devices, but a web version with basic features can be accessed at this link


  • The sliders on the screen represent the muscle's strength; a full slider means the muscle is perfectly functional, while an empty slider means the muscle is not functioning at all.
  • On the mobile version, the cranial nerves can be accessed by either swiping to the side or using the arrow buttons on the bottom of the screen.
  • As WesternU student/faculty, you have access to the full version of EOMSim for free. You do not need to purchase it from the Google Play or Apple App Stores.



Problem: I am unable to log in to the App Hub web page.

Ensure that you are using the credentials for your WesternU email and the proper password. Make sure there are no extra spaces after your username or password. If you continue to have issues, contact Tech Support at (909) 469-5432 or techsupport@westernu.edu and say that you are having issues logging in with the LDAP system.

Problem: The web page says the app is incompatible with my device (and I'm using an iPad).

This often happens because the web browser on your iPad is set to "request desktop site", so the page thinks you are on a desktop. On Safari, this setting can be turned off in the menu shown below:

image showing the request desktop setting in safari

Problem: The web page says the app is incompatible with my device (and I'm not using an iPad).

The EOMSim app is only available for Android and iOS devices, so this error will be displayed if you access the page on a laptop or desktop. Desktops and laptops can still access the demo version of EOMSim using the link provided in the "Desktop Instructions" section above, but it will not have all of the features that the mobile version has.

Problem: I installed the app on my iPhone/iPad but it says the developer is "untrusted" when I try to launch it.

This happens when you install an app from us the first time. You will need to go into Settings->General->Device Management and tap the button that says "Trust Western University of Health Sciences (ENT)". Try launching the app again and the message should be gone.


Need more Assistance?

For further assistance send an email to gamesupport@westernu.edu with details about the problem.


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